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Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 guide for guests in Vacances Menorca Resort

Due to the Covid-19 Health Crisis we have adapted the operations of the VACANCES MENORCA RESORT in order to guarantee the safety of our clients and comply with the established regulations.


We have implemented additional measures in the cleaning and hygiene processes, operating processes and spaces, which means that some services and facilities have been adjusted. 


Our staff has been instructed in the different prevention protocols and we have recently received the Safe Accommodation accreditation (Covid-19)

Next, we communicate the measures adopted to guarantee the maximum safety of our clients and workers during their stay in our facilities. In this new reality, collaboration is necessary to protect and protect ourselves. These rules may change, due to constant regulatory changes, or due to demands for improved prevention, review them in the days prior to your stay to always be informed.

  • The use of face mask is mandatory in all the common areas of the establishment, except the pool area.

  • Hands should be disinfected frequently.

  • You must maintain a safety distance of 1.5m with other guests and employees.

  • Proper cleaning and disinfection plans have been established to reduce the risk of spread of the virus in all departments.

  • We have been trained to offer a service with security guarantees.

  • Our staff has all the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary to carry out their work.

  • All facilities have been examined, identifying possible risk areas and applying the necessary measures to eliminate or minimize it to the maximum extent.

  • The maximum capacity of the different spaces has been adapted to guarantee the safety distance.

  • The goods are disinfected after storage.

  • The gym will be closed.

  • The multisport area and the playground will be closed as well.

  • The use of the elevator is limited to people with motor difficulties and baby carriages with a single adult.


The hall is duly signposted to guarantee the safety distance during the waiting times. Once the maximum capacity is reached, we will indicate alternative waiting areas (such as the terraced area of ​​the bar-lounge), to avoid crowds.

  • All the material that can be delivered to you from reception, such as the key cards of your apartment, will be previously disinfected.

  • In the envelope you will find a QR code with all the safety, hygiene and prevention information that must be adopted in our facilities.

  • For organizational and security reasons, apartment changes will not be possible.

  • The luggage room will remain closed and can only be accessed by reception staff.

  • Late-check-out service will be offered only according to availability and with charge, if guests wish to stay in the apartment until the pick-up time on the day of departure. It is not a guaranteed service and will always be possible depending on the occupation.

Cleaning service

  • All items (sheets, towels, covers, etc.) are washed higher than 60º to guarantee the elimination of any type of contamination.

  • Our staff will access the apartments for cleaning only when the apartment is empty. You must indicate that you are not in your apartment through the poster (make me the room).

  • The gloves and cloths used by the hotel maids are disinfected after each cleaning.

  • Disinfection is performed every 2 hours (6 times a day) in every bathroom of the common areas.

  • We have reduced textiles in the apartments. For this reason we have removed extra cushions, blankets and pillows from closets. If you need an extra blanket or more pillows you can request them at the Reception desk and we will take it to you disinfected.

  • We have reduced the amenities of the apartments. If you need any specific item you can request them at Reception.

  • For organizational and security reasons, apartment changes will not be possible.

  • You will find pool towels in your closet and they will be changed the same day that the sheets are changed.

Restaurant / Kitchen / Bar

  • Hand disinfection with a hydroalcoholic solution and the use of a face mask are mandatory before entering the restaurant.

  • Our buffet is now an assisted buffet.

  • We will take you from the entrance of the restaurant to the show cooking circuit in which we will prepare the dishes for you at the moment.

  • We have reduced the number of tables to guarantee the interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 meters.

  • It is only allowed to share a table with members of the same family and as long as we can guarantee the safety distance with the other guests.

  • Once the occupation of the apartments exceeds the number of tables available in the restaurant we will establish shifts for breakfast, lunch and dinner services to control the restaurant capacity at all times.

  • The tables will be set up instantly and disinfected after each diner

  • Products such as oil, vinegar, salt, butter, etc. will be provided in single-dose containers.

  • We have marked the waiting areas on the restaurant floor to always keep the safety distance.

  • We have removed dishes and glasses from the buffet area in order to keep them properly stored without contact with the environment to always ensure a proper disinfection, so if you need extra crockery or cutlery please let our waiters know.

  • Our dishes are washed at 60º and rinsed at more than 80º.

  • We disinfect the washing train after each service.

  • We manage dirty dishes and clean ones separately so that they never cross each other.

  • Only the Gravina restaurant will be open.

  • You can download our drink and buffet menu in your mobile through our QR code.

  • Tables and chairs are disinfected after each use.

  • On the tables you will see a little sign with the symbol þ when it is disinfected, you can use it. Once you finish using it, rotate the sign showing the ý symbol. Our staff will know that it requires disinfection and the rest of the clients will be aware of not using it.

Technical assistance

  • We will always go to your apartment to fix any breakdown when you are not inside. In case this is not possible, you must use a face mask and keep the safety distance of 1.5m.

  • After each intervention, the entire area will be disinfected.

  • We control the flow and air temperature in all common areas to achieve constant air renewal.

  • Swimming pools:

    • We have reduced the number of sunbeds in the pool area in order to guarantee the safety distance of 1.5m in 2m2 plots.

    • The maximum capacity allowed in the main pool will be 100 people (400 m2 surface area / 4 m2 per person).

    • The maximum capacity in the children's pool will be 24 people (96 m2 surface area / 4 m2 per person).

    • Once the number of apartments occupied exceeds the number of sunbeds, sunbeds must be booked at the reception the day before.

    • Our lifeguards will assign the sunbed to you.

    • Once your shift is over you should leave them lying down for disinfection.

    • The use of inflatables in the pool is prohibited.


  • In order to maintain the safety distance we have reorganized our entertainment program, with activities that are done without physical contact.

  • For security reasons we have removed from our program the activities that do not guarantee the safety of participants and entertainers.

  • We will do all activities outdoors, whenever possible.

  • Activity areas and items used will be disinfected after each activity.

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